Dec 29, 2013

Daily Table Is A New Grocery Store That Will Repurpose And Resell Edible, Slightly Past Sell-By Date, Food #

I’m not a fan of the NYTimes article’s linkbait-y title but I am positive on what Doug Rauch, former Trader Joe’s president, is building:

I’m actually not doing anything different than what many high-end, high-priced national retailers do. Within their store, they recover meat or chicken or fish that’s been out on the display counter and, instead of throwing it out, they’ll cook it up fresh and they’ll put it out on their hot tray the next day.

[…] I go out of my way to make sure we utilize all the food we purchase.

"Utilize all the food we purchase." I like that.

It’s certainly still too early to tell but I have a feeling Doug Rauch is building the future of modern grocery purchase and consumption.